Discover the Future of Murrel Fish Farming with Fountainhead Agro Farms Private Limited (FAFPL), India’s first and only Enterprise to introduce an environmentally and socially sustainable Murrel Fish farming project through the innovative Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS).

Fountainhead Agro Farms Pvt. Ltd. (FAFPL)

FAFPL is an Enterprise that specializes in advanced, intensive, sustainable, and continuous production facilities for Murrel Fish farming. They are committed to responsible fishing practices and dedication to quality, ensuring that customers enjoy the best seafood nature has to offer. An environmentally and socially sustainable fish farming project is achieved with the use of advanced technology in the Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS). It is uniquely equipped to undertake practically any environmental challenge, with an unparalleled commitment to safety, social responsibility, and sustainability. FAFPL is dedicated to being a good neighbor in the communities in which it functions and contributes to the long-term preservation of the environment, the well-being of society, and the economy.

Our Humble Beginnings

In 2009, FAFPL embarked on its journey in Mudhol, a small town in northern Karnataka. Converting sugarcane fields into earthen ponds with water sourced from the Ghataprapha River, it initiated conventional aquaculture.

Embracing Technology for Sustainable Growth

FAFPL Embraced advanced technology "RAS" to create an optimal environment for fish breeding, growth, and continuous production.

Sustainable Practices for a Better Tomorrow

FAFPL believes in proactive engagement with communities and stakeholders to contribute to long-term preservation by maintaining the best practices to tackle all the challenges to mitigate climate impacts and offer enhanced food safety and security. FAFPL is recognized for its environmental responsibility and high efficiency in protein transformation and provision.


It is uniquely equipped with its potential ability to offer green solutions throughout the aquaculture and seafood value chain to tackle environmental challenges with an unparalleled commitment to safety, social responsibility, and sustainability.

FAFPL dedicates in being a good neighbor drives its efforts to establish a complete production line from breeding to market-sized fish, all within a sustainable water circulation system.

Our focus

FAFPL's focus on utilizing cutting-edge technology and its dedication to sustainable aquaculture practices has positioned it as a leader in the industry, with a specific emphasis on tilapia production in India.

FAFPL has pioneered the cultivation of Murrel Fish [Channa striata], a species well-suited to tropical climates and ideally suited for growth in RAS as a single fish species due to its vibrant carnivorous nature and impressive growth characteristics. FAFPL aims to highlight the exceptional qualities of Murrel and introduce it as a boneless recipe with significant health benefits.


The vision is to raise the status of aquaculture to that of a recognized "Industry" by establishing and upholding high standards within the sector. It is committed to setting new benchmarks of excellence, professionalism, and sustainability in shaping the future of aquaculture by ensuring its place as a vital and esteemed industry.


The mission is encapsulated in the Latin phrase "Labor Omnia Vincit," which translates to "Work Conquers All." FAFPL is dedicated to the belief that hard work, commitment, and perseverance are the keys to overcoming challenges and achieving success. This principle guides its every endeavor, inspiring people to consistently strive for excellence to conquer obstacles in our pursuit of greatness.

Featured Spot

As we look to the future,

We recognize the significance of sustainable aquaculture in shaping the world’s food systems. FAFPL is committed to collaborating to provide healthy, tasty, and highly nutritious food for the planet, contributing to food systems transformation and mitigating climate impacts.

With each stride in knowledge,

FAFPL aims to establish intelligent and sustainable mechanisms throughout the aquaculture value chain, ensuring a measurable and limited environmental footprint. This bio-circular-green economy approach will be the cornerstone of our forward and backward integration of processes.

Years Experience
Murrel Fish

Technology Tailored for India

The Israel technology, tailored for Indian Geography, Topography, and Meteorology, stands as a testament to its commitment to innovation. This unique and complete innovation for continuous fish production offers advanced, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions for land-locked locations to India’s extensive fish-growing needs.

Major Technological Breakthroughs

Fish Production Innovation: Experience a groundbreaking shift in fish farming with its unique and complete innovation for continuous fish production. Its advanced, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions address the contemporary needs of the fish-growing industry. The use of cutting-edge Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) solutions sets it apart in the pursuit of excellence.

Antibiotic-Free Aquaculture: In line with its dedication to environmental sustainability and the production of high-quality fish, FAFPL refrains from using antibiotics and chemical treatments. The technology is designed to provide a natural and healthy environment for fish, promoting their well-being without compromising quality.

Faster Fish Growth with Cost Efficiency: Witness accelerated fish growth to commercial size at an unprecedented pace. Its technology optimizes the conversion of feed to fish mass, with economic production without compromising the quality.

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